I have been doing a lot of work for Joe and Jenna Beaver over the past few months, websites, video, and since Jenna owns a frame shop here in town, some prints, edits, etc for her. For those who may not know, Joe is an eight time World Champion cowboy and the all time top earner in the pro rodeo circuit. He is also a roping instructor and holds two day schools all over the world.

I have wanted to shoot some of his students but since the schools are all over the place I have never had the opportunity….until this past weekend when the school was at his own 8X arena right here in Huntsville.

The action is fast, the whole run may take no more than eight seconds, up to a max of about fifteen seconds. You are in close quarters with nowhere to run. Those of you who shoot sports and worry about a linebacker in pads plowing into you, weenies! Try dodging several hundred pounds of calf, well over one thousand pounds of horse, over a hundred pounds of rider all moving at over thirty miles per hour while fenced in to an arena!

Anyway, here are some shots from the event, enjoy!