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New name and logo

Welcome to the new Paper Bird Images, formerly Allan Hall Photography. This change will consolidate names, logos and more making things easier and giving all sites a more artistic direction. In addition to this site, Falcon Technologies, my technology focused company I have had  since the nineties has changed to Paper Bird Tek. You may……

Time for a new coat of paint!

Finally I got around to putting together a more modern website. This one should be much faster, cleaner, display better on mobile devices and will start to show a lot more information over time.

For nostalgia here is an image of the old site, which in all fairness held up quite well for many years.

Space Shuttle Endeavour’s last flight

This past week I was fortunate enough to be in Houston when NASA’s Space Shuttle Endeavour was flown through on it’s way to California. I have never been lucky enough to actually see one of the shuttles in person so I made the quick trip to the other side of town to shoot a few……

Finally got around to starting a blog

It took a while, but I have finally joined the masses in having a blog. Here I hope to keep you informed with new and exciting shoots which will give you a glimpse into my life as a photographer. You are likely to see a wild array of photographs here ranging from paid shoots to……