For some reason I keep getting asked why someone would ever want a professional to photograph the interior of something mundane, such as a home for sale, standard office, etc. Fancy offices? Sure. Stadiums? Sure. Bars? Sure. Homes? Why? These people take perfectly good shots with their point and shoot cameras so why waste the money on hiring someone?

Simply put, you may not need to. Take a standard point and shoot camera, like for example the Nikon Coolpix L20, point it at an interior and fire to get this:

Well OK, everything is too dark inside and way too bright in the windows, fine, just turn on the flash, right?

Hmmmm. Well the inside is lit better, the outside is not quite as bad, but there are horrible shadows and harsh light everywhere. Then again, this may be plenty good enough for your clients. Maybe not though, maybe you need something a little better.

Here is what a pro can do in less than five minutes:

This was not the finished delivered image, this was one of the first test shots taken just to illustrate the dramatic difference between an average person with an average point and shoot camera vs a professional with off camera lighting both done in less than five minutes. Which one do you think a potential real estate client would be more interested in?

I hope this answers the question 🙂